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Corporate Catering 101 – How to ensure your next business events success

With regards to arranging corporate occasions, catering is one of the most important aspects that you'll want to get right. The food and beverages served during the occasion could determine your guests overall experience, so it pays to do some research.

On top of choosing a staggering delicious menu, there are numerous different subtleties that go into making your next corporate occasion extraordinary. We've done a portion of the difficult work for you and ordered our 4 greatest tips when it comes to organising your next corporate function.

Stick to strict timetable

Working with your caterer to guarantee you have a timetable in place is a straightforward yet viable approach to ensuring your occasion runs as efficiently as possible. Depending on the agenda, you may have guest speakers, activities, entertainment, or other events scheduled throughout the function. In order to guarantee the most ideal experience for your guests, your catering should be planned precisely around these events – ensuring not to forget set up, clean up and pack down times!

Dietary Requirements

Something that can completely throw a spanner in the works – dietary requirements! There is nothing worse than forgetting to cater for allergies and intolerances. It means you are left with hungry and unimpressed guests who feel forgotten and unimportant! It's imperative to let your cater know about your guests dietary requirements so that they can correctly adhere to all requests. In addition to this, finding out your guest’s preferences when it comes to the menu will help keep them fed and happy – especially if you have fussy eaters in your group.

Confirm Numbers at least 7 days prior!

Your cater needs to know numbers and needs to have a reasonable amount of notice. A lot of caterers have more than one event occurring during the week, therefore it's hard for them to drop everything to prepare extra food last minute if numbers were to drastically change. Letting your caterer know confirmed numbers 7 days out will ensure your event runs smoothly, and there is a substantial amount of food for all of your guests to enjoy.

Make sure you order ENOUGH food.

Ensuring your guests are well fed is a sure fire way to keep them happy and alert during your business proceedings. A sandwich and a piece of fruit won’t cut it for most adults during a days long meeting. Our minimum food guide for a corporate function is at least 1.5 sandwiches per person, with a side of fruit and something sweet! If you’re looking at a working lunch buffet 2 main meat dishes with a carbohydrate-based side dish (e.g. Potato, Pasta or Rice) and salad will usually fill them up nicely!

At a Days Graze catering, we focus on creating an unforgettable corporate experience. Our menus are fully adjustable, and we are here to work with our clients to create their ideal event! Our food is made fresh, hand delivered and professional presented with a WOW factor to ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience.

Contact us today to get started on planning your next corporate event with A Days Graze catering.

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